• Warlock of Tide
  • Warlock of Tide Sprite
  • Warlock of Bramble
  • Warlock of Bramble Sprite
  • Warlock of Collapse
  • Warlock of Collapse Sprite
Warlocks are a type of enemy mage.

They are first encountered during the second battle(Greek Right-Wing Troops 2) of The Land of War Drum of the Holy Territory.

There are three types of Warlocks: [Warlock of Tide], [Warlock of Bramble] and [Warlock of Collapse]in order of appearance.


[Warlock of Tide] uses [Tide Skill] which inflicts very high magic damage and a status ailment called Suffocation. It has been noted that Suffocation has the same effect as poison and bleeding but with magic damage.


[Warlock of Bramble]uses [Bramble Skill] which, like Tide Skill, inflicts very high magic damage and an Imprison status ailment like that of [Natural Power] of [Corruptor] and [Carl].


[Warlock of Collapse] uses [Collapsing Skill] which deals very high magic damage and inflicts Dizzy which has the same effect as stunning your opponent for one round.


Warlocks are one of the most despised enemy heroes in the whole of ShadowLand Online. The main thing to note about Warlocks and most other enemy mages is that there magic attack is extremely high and like all mages, their magic defence is also high so those who use mages as Mains beware. The easiest may to beat any Warlock is to set [Merlin] with [Castor] and focus only on your attack OR to set up the highest possible magic defense atleast 2200+ and attack as normal. Attack should be at least 2200+ for one or more heroes. In short, persist with using variations of the One-hit strategy.

It discussed that the [Shaman], with 2200+ magic defense, is the best hero to use against Warlocks though this is still debatable.


  • Hector(NPC) of "Hector Troops" is a Warlock of Collapse
  • [Rhea] is a [Warlock of Collapse]
  • [Warlock of Bramble] is easily the strongest as its attack is the highest and its staut affect causes the most damage
    • Once you are in the higher levels of the game, where magic defense in crucial and magic attacks bounce off your heroes, Warlocks are no longer a major threat
  • It is important to note the Warlocks do appear after The Land of Wardrum
  • The final wave of Kolchis Legion contains all three Warlocks
  • The undead enemy hero Skeleton Warlock from Elite Instance and Netherwind Crypt is in no relation to Warlocks