Ancient Myths
Chapter: I,II,III,IV,V
Visiting the Forgotten

"Through the gate of the time, we arrived at the deepest part of the underworld where the ancient Titan Tartarus was kept. During the limitless time, these giant Titants are asleep. Only a part of their conciousness is wandering in the tower."

Visiting the Forgotten is the 5th instance in Ancient Myths of The Gate of Ages.

Area forces
Forces # Forces Name Commanding Unit Level Drop
1 [Cyclops] Cyclops 96 -
2 Wandering conciousness 1 Nemean Lion 96 -
3 [Oceanus] Oceanus 96 -
4 Wandering conciousness 2 Harpy 96 -
5 [Coeus] Ceous 96 Magician Book
6 Wandering conciousness 3 Statue of God 96 -
7 [Hyperion] Hyperion 96 -
8 Wandering conciousness 4 Nemean Lion 96 -
9 [Crius] Crius 96 [Purified Screamed Book]
10 Wandering conciousness 5 Harpy 96 -
11 [Adanos] Adanos 96 -
12 Wandering conciousness 6 Statue of God 96 -
13 [Tethys] Tethys 96 -
14 Wandering conciousness 7 Statue of God 96 -
15 [Chronus] Chronus 96 [Founder Helmet]
16 [Corps of Titans] Legion [Lord of Light Sword]


The difference between River of Misery and Visiting the Forgotten can be compared to the difference between chapter I and chapter V. The enemies have a huge, almost unbeatable, magic defense. A shaman with a heavily upgraded [Brilliance of the Gods] will do about 1000-1500 damage. Also, the damage received from those units can be higher than 3000 each normal attack with over 3500 pdef. However, physical defense of these units are quite close to those of River of Misery.

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