• Chaos379

    SLO Quick Quiz

    May 23, 2012 by Chaos379

    a) Saros

    b) Uther

    c) Frost

    d) Moering

    a) Imperial Scholar

    b) Shaman

    c) Tide Infantry

    d) Hatchet Troops

    a) Frost

    b) Flame

    c) Devour

    d) Lightning

    a) Group Assault

    b) Shoot as falling stars

    c) Bramble Skill

    d) Suffering Curse

    a) Suffering Curse

    b) Tear

    c) Threaten

    d) Sanction

    a) Karen

    b) Ossanal

    c) GM_Errant

    d) Frost

    a) Forgotten Blood Ring

    b) Courage of the God of War

    c) Empire Guard's Magic Ring

    d) Whispering Ring

    a) Firm Armor

    b) Dragonscale Armor

    c) Dragon-scale Shield

    d) Pegasus

    a) Distinct Peace Ring

    b) Sharp Samurai Sword

    c) Firm Armor

    d) Axe of the Sky

    a) Attila

    b) Frost

    c) Salvatorium

    d) Karen


    10: Perfect! Your a true hero!

    8-9: Excellent, you've learnt almost everything to know

    5-7: Not bad, you should research some more for a better score

    3-4: I can see your new...


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  • Chaos379

    After returning home from the Gate of Ages...

    Elder: my lord there was an earthquake, the villagers a safe, but, but...

    You: but what my good man?

    Elder: the Sanctuary...

    You: Yes what?

    Elder: ...the Sanc Sank...

    On the World Chat...

    (Anon): Food takes long time to prepare dont it?

    You: i know right? You have to click on the outside of town, click on farm, click on wanted crops, plant them, click to get out of farm, wait for 10-90 mins, click on outside of town, click on farm, click on ripened crops, cilck on Scroll at bottom right, go rage when you see that someone has stolen your crops, click on stealers name to find them(always helpful for revenge), send them threatening messages, change country to attack spam them, create alts to do the same-t…

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  • Chaos379

    chat censoreship(?)

    December 10, 2011 by Chaos379

    ok, recently ive discovered a glitch in the Wolrd Chat. saying words on the SLO chat that would normally be blocked twice will actually appear uncensored

    Forexample: saying: "shit shit"

    the first "shit" will appear as "****" while the second will appear as normal.

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  • Chaos379

    READ NOW!!!

    November 29, 2011 by Chaos379

    just to clarify: there is no such thing as a ranged hero!

    it is tied in with physical and therfore is not a hero type of its own. Although mardonius uses a bow, which is a ranged weapon, it does not count as "ranged" in SLO. the only hero types are Magic and Physical

    If you have any complaints are problems on this wiki please say on this blog

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  • Chaos379


    November 21, 2011 by Chaos379

    In your opinion what is the most frustrating part of the game

    IMO, Sirens...hate them

    Im up to Warlocks but i still hate Sirens

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