I have doubts anyone really cares about maps for the Santa Rescues, Lv10/30/60.

But, I made maps for the 2, Lv10/30, I could do anyway. 1st Spider in on Lv60 repeatedly curbstomps me, so I doubt I'll complete that map by the time the Event ends. Guess I could attach what I have so far, all almost nothing of it.

Anyway, I'll put the L10 and the L30 maps here, and if anyone knows a good place to stick 'em: feel free.

Save Santa Claus - Lv10 - route map

Lv10 Santa Rescue map

Save Santa Claus - Lv30 - route map

Lv30 Santa Rescue map

Save Santa Claus - Lv60 - start of route map

Lv60 Santa Rescue - barely started

Still, the L60 map starts off looking incredibly like the Quest 26 - Pandora Hearts map... and I remember seeing the L30 map before, too. Perhaps the L60 just reuses the same enemy-types, placements, and routing as the Quest 26 map, with a 10min Limit and Santa at the end instead of an Icebound Platform? Hmm. Well, I don't expect to be capable of finding out for myself but more powerful questers may want to keep that in mind... assuming they care to be looking at these maps at all.

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