Here are some tips that all new players should know and understand.

  • Gold will be your most important resource, therefore be sure to collect all 10 levys, and mine all 9 mines every day! To make the most of your levies, make sure to keep your dwellings at maximum level, and when your higher level, your finance hall - The finance hall is a long term investment, it starts off giving low increases, but they increase. You will, actually, end up with the same amount of gold per levy though...
  • Also keep an eye on the market, when it gets to 1.89 or higher, sell your food. On that note, keep an eye on your farm and keep crops constantly growing.
  • At level 11 you unlock the sanctuary! This is one of your most important buildings. Once it reaches level 10, you will get a quest, and will get a new quest every level up untill level 30. You'll want to deliberatly fail these quests several times. You are given 5 attempts at them daily, but you keep any items and Battle Points you achieve, and the monsters respawn every time, so be sure to make the most of this!
  • When training your heroes in the training ground, be sure to use the speed up option, it will greatly reduce the time it takes to max your heroes.
  • When forting remember that the % is server wide. Therefore even when it is in high 80's or 90's, you could still fail several times.
  • Your shop level decides what items you can buy. White items are every 4 levels, so you get new items at; 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, 29, 33 ect..While white is the lowest grade of item, you will not always find better for your level. Be aware that the Eternal items are expensive to fort for low level players but they are a lot better than the otehr low level shop items.
  • Subordinates! When you conquer a player in the same country as you, they become your "sub". When your subs collect their levy, you get 10% of it. Keep an eye on the amount you get each day, and if your not getting much gold from them, drop them and find another.

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