This is a list of all the tips seen on the front page of the game as it loads.

  • Don't go so far as to embarrass everyone.
  • You will be respected if you speak politely.
  • Magic attack are highly lethal, but the hit ratio depends on a hero's intelligence.
  • Effectively using formations is a vital strategic factor in the path to victory.
  • Effectively using skills and a well-planned attack sequence are key to achieving success on the battlefield.
  • You should pay attention to teamwork and the life that surrounds you.
  • You must put out in order to receive.
  • Forming an alliance should be your goal. This would allow allies to work together with you to fulfill tasks!
  • Forces will not be lost in battle until you reach level 10.
  • There is a chance you might find diamonds in the gold mines!
  • There is a bonus for recruiting soldiers in the village outside town.
  • Go explore the cave if you are brave enough!
  • You are allowed to plant crops or steal other's food. However, be careful not to be caught by the sentry if you steal!
  • Attacking foreign players will give you higher prestige if Town Hall reaches level 31, but also bring about hostility.
  • The allied battle starts at 10:00pm everyday, allowing players to capture central castle within an allotted time.
  • Technology and equipment are a necessary part of every battle.
  • Collecting experience in the Dragon Training Ground while offline will cost you diamonds.
  • Upgrading the sanctuary will give you a chance to open the scenario task box.
  • Each race has its own talent building in which you upgrade hero skills.
  • Note: Upgrading military strength is the groundwork for success neither rather than upgrading buildings only.
  • The levels of Town Hall help you become stronger but win less battle achievements
  • Storyline tasks affect the line of development.

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