General Info

The subordinates and superior feature can be foundin the Town Hall menu, under the Diplomacy tab
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Diplomacy tab in the Town Hall


You will access to this feature once your Town Hall will reach level 10+ and you have chosen a country to join.

In this tab you can also check the quantity of gold you gave to your superior and the gold you received from your subordinates.

Superior & Subordinates

Superior [SUP] is the owner of one-to-five Subordinates [SUB]. Each time a subordinate levy, the superior will receive 10% of the gold the Sub gained. Gold is given from the system and not from the sub that won't have any kind of malus from his subordinated position.


The Superior receive gold from his subs, but he must protect them. When a sub is attacked he won't fight directly. In fact, the attacker will face the superior or the superior's superior (and so on) and if he wins, then he will get the sub and not the superior he fought.


If you want to change your superior, or just get ridden of him, you can MUTINY from the Diplomacy Tab. As for conquering a sub, you will face your superior's superior. Only in the case your superior is "free" you will attack him directly.

Conquer a subordinate

You can conquer only players in your same Region.
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Enemy town tab

To do that, click on the World Map and search for a player's town.

When you find it, click it and the menu will appear: now you can CONQUER the player as your subordinate.

Both the attacker and the defender will receive a Battle Report as an email, redardless if you win or lose the fight.

Each player can have FIVE subordinates and of course one superior only.


If a subordinate is inactive or gives few gold, you can ABANDON him, from the Diplomacy tab, and free one of your spaces.

Notes on subordinates

  • You can quickly scan the map to find "free of superiors" town checking the color of the town name.
  • Players with RED name have a superior.
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    Name colors

  • Players with WHITE name are free of superior.
  • It's more useful to be conquered and conquer players of your same alliance. This will increase your CONTRIBUTION each time you receive gold from your subordinates, and will do the same with your superior when you levy.
  • In some alliances, it is considered a felony to "steal" someone elses subordinate