Tribals Shop

Tribals Shop

"Buy or sell equipment in the Shop."

The Shop is the area where you can buy and sell equipment for your Heroes. You unlock new equipment every 4 shop levels (levels 5, 9, 13, etc.) however all equipment will be of white quality only.

Shop tab

Tribals Shop "Buy" Tab

Buy Tab

The number next to the item represents how much that item boosts whatever stat it is related too. The number in parenthesis shows how much that stat will go up with each level of fortification.

Note: With the exceptions of cloaks and mounts, all items provide an additional +2 to troops commanded, increasing by +2 for each level of fortification.

The levels of the items are listed below. The level of each set is the same as the level of the shop required to unlock it.

  • Set 1: Level 1
  • Set 2: Level 5
  • Set 3: Level 9
  • Set 4: Level 13
  • Set 5: Level 17
  • Set 6: Level 21
  • Set 7: Level 25
  • Etc.

List of Items


Weapons Magic Books
Level 1

[Steel Sword]

[Eternal Blade]

[Decoded Magic Book]

[Eternal Magic Book]

Level 5 [Cross Sword] [Book of Servants]
Level 9 [Samurai Sword] [Book of Nobles]
Level 13 [Solid Bow] [Book of Warriors]
Level 17 [Single-sided Blade] [Magical Tome]
Level 21 [Pike of Vengeance] [Book of Commands]
Level 25 [King's Sword] [Book of Protection]
Level 29 [Dagger] [Book of Elements]
Level 33 [Devil's Sword] [Book of Vengeance]
Level 37 [Beheading Axe] [Blood Tome]
Level 41 [Short-arm Sword] [Book of Saint]
Level 45 [Iron Blade] [Book of Oath]
Level 49 [Martialsword] [Book of Disaster]
Level 53 [Serrated Axe] [Boo of Skeleton]
Level 57 [Savage Blade] [Deal of Blood]
Level 61 [Grace Sword] [Deal of Distress]
Level 65 [Maces] [Book of Skeleton]
Level 69 [Slaughtering Axe] [Book of Magic Crystal]
Level 73 [Grieved Pike] [Book of Prayer]
Level 77 [Resolution Blade] [Deal of Demons]
Level 81 [Flame Knife] [Ancient Book of Ghost]
Level 85 [Flame Sword] [Handed-down Book]
Level 89 [Tough Whip] [Magic Deals]
Level 93 [Inexhaustible Blade] [Magic Book of Lord]
Level 97 [Bloody Broad Axe] None
Level 100 [Brave's Sword] None


Helmets Armor Shields Cloaks
Level 1

[Leather Hat]

[Eternal Helmet]

[Leather Armor]

[Eternal Armor]


[Eternal Wall]

[Simple Cloak]

[Eternal Cloak]

Level 5 [Hard Hat] [Hard Leather Armor] [Warrior Shield] [Soldier Cloak]
Level 9 [Elemental Hat] [Elemental Leather Armor] [Light Vine Shield] [Hunter Cloak]
Level 13 [Light Helmet] [Elemental Armor] [Magic Shield] [Blessed Cloak]
Level 17 [Heavy Elemental Hat] [Elemental Metal Armor] [Crusader Shield] [Command Cloak]
Level 21 [Warrior Hat] [Warrior Leather Armor] [Silver Shield] [Elemental Cloak]
Level 25 [Warrior Helmet] [Warrior Armor] [Bright Shield] [Environmental Cloak]
Level 29 [Light Vine Hat] [Warrior Metal Armor] [Alloyed Shield] [Forest Cloak]
Level 33 [Light Vine Helmet] [Light Vine Armor] [Shield of Warriors] [Light Cloak]
Level 37 [Heavy Vine Helmet] [Leather Vine Armor] [Shield of Wings] [Darkness Cloak]
Level 41 [Anchoret Helmet] [Knight Armor] [Wings-patterned Shield] [Crane Cloak]
Level 45 [Rusty Helmet] [Steel Armor] [Chopping Shield] [Earthen Cloak]
Level 49 [Iron-wings Helmet] [Charge Armor] [Tyranny Wall] [Kodama Cloak]
Level 53 [Steel Helmet] [Flame Armor] [Sundisk Shield] [Grace Cloak]
Level 57 [Wizard's Hat] [Rime-proof Armor] [Flame Shield] [Light Cloak]
Level 61 [Breaker Helmet] [Thunder-proof Armor] [Skeleton Shield] [Agility Cloak]
Level 65 [Knight Helmet] [Undead Armor] [Patterned Shield] [Ambition Cloak]
Level 69 [Slayer Helmet] [Bitterness Cloak] [Tush Shield] [Iron-scale Cloak]
Level 73 [Black-iron Helmet] [Snowfall Cloak] [Heart Shield] [Reveling Cloak]
Level 77 [Murderer Helmet] [Toothed Armor] [Corona Wall] [Swordsman Cloak]
Level 81 [Brave's Helmet] [Dragon-scale Armor] [Icebreaking Wall] [Devastation Cloak]
Level 85 [Lord's Crown] [Destruction Armor] [Dragon-patterned Shield] None
Level 89 [Skywalker Helmet] [Trampling Armor] [Heart of Group Wall] None
Level 93 [Moonstar Helmet] [Tough Armor] [Revenge Wall] None
Level 97 [Zhanri Helmet] [Wizard's Cloak] [Darkness Wall] None
Level 100 [Blessed Helmet] [Command Power Cloak] [Blessed Shield] None


Necklaces Ring (physical) Ring (magic)
Level 1

[Elemental Necklace]

[Eternal Pendant]

[Soldiers' Ring]

[Eternal Bloody Ring]

[Element Ring]

[Eternal Magic Ring]

Level 5 [Warrior Necklace] [Warrior's Battle Ring] [Warrior's Ring]
Level 9 [Magic-school Necklace] [Ring of Cruelty] [Ring of the Flood]
Level 13 [Gold Necklace] [Ring of Darkness] [Alloyed Ring]
Level 17 [Wooden Necklace] [Ring of Desperado] [Ring of the Light]
Level 21 [Crusader Necklace] [Ring of Dignity] [Crusader Ring]
Level 25 [Amethystine Necklace] [Ring of Power] [Amethystine Ring]
Level 29 [Silver Necklace] [Ring of the Holy Light] [Silver Ring]
Level 33 [Devil's Necklace] [Black Gold Ring] [Dark Gold Ring]
Level 37 [Necklace of Freedom] [Ring of Guard] [Ring of the Fear]
Level 41 [Wise Necklace] [Niello Ring] [Gold Ring]
Level 45 [Magic Crystal Necklace] [Flame Ring] [Dragon Ring]
Level 49 [Skeleton Necklace] [Peace Ring] [Devastation Ring]
Level 53 [Platinum Necklace] [Blood Ring] [Coral Ring]
Level 57 [Jade Necklace] [Tyranny Ring] [Tide Ring]
Level 61 [Glazed Necklace] [Beheaded Ring] [Fury Ring]
Level 65 [Corrosion Necklace] [Tempest Ring] [Prediction Ring]
Level 69 [Coral Necklace] [Soul-consumed Ring] [Crow Ring]
Level 73 [Asphalt Necklace] [Slaughter Ring] [Bramble Ring]
Level 77 [Acolyte Necklace] [Grieved Ring] [Glazed Ring]
Level 81 [Toothed Pendant] [Titan Ring] [Curse Ring]
Level 85 None None None
Level 89 None None None
Level 93 None None None
Level 97 None None None
Level 100 None None None


Level 1

[Maroon Wild Horse]

[Eternal Horse]

Level 5 [Brown Adult Horse]
Level 9 [White Horse]
Level 13 [Black Horse]
Level 17 [Silver Horse]
Level 21 [Silver Military Horse]
Level 25 [Black Charging Horse]
Level 29 [Black Military Horse]
Level 33 [White Ferghana Horse]
Level 37 [Red Ferghana Horse]
Level 61 [Wild Horse]
Level 69 [Giant Elephant]
Level 73 [Wolf]
Level 77 [Wild Unicorn]
Level 81 [Dragon-head Lion]
Level 85 None
Level 89 None
Level 93 None
Level 97 None
Level 100 None

Sell Tab

This is where you can sell an equipment for a return value of Gold. Sell returns back approximately 80% of the gold spent on forting plus an additional percentage equivalent to your shop level

(0.8*Total Fort Cost)+(Shop Level)%

Exchange Tab

-The exchange tab is where you trade Fragments for items-

Full Item List
Item Sets
Item List
Drop List
Magic Books
Physical Rings
Magic Rings
Fragments Frag

"Use fragments to exchange for relevant equipment"

Fragments Frag are the second rarest resource in the game. Fragments can be exchanged in the Shop for rare and otherwise "un-droppable" items, or used to Recast an item at the Blacksmith, granting it a random stat bonus.

Fragments can be obtained by completing daily tasks - after completing the daily Levy task, the Battle task will appear. You can complete the task by completing legions from Chapter 1 through to Chapter 5 and Tower of Soul, each task awarding 1 fragment leading up to a maximum of 6 fragments a day from tasks. Additional fragments can be purchased for 5 Diamonds each in the Mall or in Crazy Adventure.

Once you have bought a Fragment item from the shop, you can later return to the shop to exchange it again and receive a refund of half of the fragments spent. Originally, you were unable to put "Frag" items in the Auction House, but that has been changed[*]: now only items that require both Fragments and a certain Cave item are unable to be auctioned.

[*]This information needs to be reviewed, atleast on all of Kabam's servers these items are not sellable in the AH. 'Zaach (talk) 00:02, February 24, 2013 (UTC)

Fragment Exchange Items
Level Item Fragments Required Initial Fort Price +Price Per Fort
20 [Empire Guard's Sword] 16 560 80
20 [Empire Guard's Helmet] 12 384 96
20 [Empire Guard's Armour] 12 384 96
20 [Empire Guard's Cloak] 6 176 64
20 [Empire Guard's Shield] 8 192 48
20 [Empire Guard's Ring] 8 208 32
20 [Empire Guard's Magic Ring] 8 208 32
20 [Empire Guard's Horse] 8 400 80
20 [Empire Guard's Magic Book] 18 544 96
20 [Empire Guard's Necklace] 8 192 48
45 [Empire Knightly's Sword] 74 4400 600
45 [Empire Knightly's Helmet] 34 2700 300
45 [Empire Knightly's Armour] 42 3100 400
45 [Empire Knightly's Cloak] 14 1000 250
45 [Empire Knightly's Shield] 24 1550 200
45 [Empire Knightly's Ring] 24 1350 150
45 [Empire Knightly's Magic Ring] 24 1350 150
45 [Empire Knightly's Horse] 21 2250 250
45 [Empire Knightly's Magic Book] 74 4350 650
45 [Empire Knightly's Necklace] 20 1350 150
72 [Empire Lord's Sword] 180 11360 1440
72 [Empire Lord's Helmet] 80 6400 800
72 [Empire Lord's Armour] 100 7760 1040
72 [Empire Lord's Cloak] 50 5840 560
72 [Empire Lord's Shield] 50 3840 560
72 [Empire Lord's Ring] 50 2800 400
72 [Empire Lord's Magic Ring] 50 2720 480
72 [Empire Lord's Horse] 70 9040 560
72 [Empire Lord's Magic Book] 192 11040 1760
72 [Empire Lord's Necklace] 46 3120 480
90 [Empire Hero's Sword] 316 17200 2000
90 [Empire Hero's Helmet] 190 13920 1280
90 [Empire Hero's Armour] 240 16560 1840
90 [Empire Hero's Cloak] 80 8160 640
90 [Empire Hero's Shield] 90 5680 720
90 [Empire Hero's Ring] 80 4320 480
90 [Empire Hero's Magic Ring] 80 3840 560
90 [Empire Hero's Horse] 140 15040 960
90 [Empire Hero's Magic Book] 316 16160 2240
90 [Empire Hero's Necklace] 90 6160 640
Fragment Exchange Excellent Items
Level Item Fragments Required Item Required Initial Fort Price +Price Per Fort
99 [Dragon Essence(excellent)] 250 [Dragon Essence] 3600 1200
99 [Roar of the Dragon(excellent)] 250 [Roar of the Dragon] 17200 2800
99 [Wrathful Dragon(excellent)] 250 [Wrathful Dragon] 20000 2400
99 [Ring of Dragon's Breath(excellent)] 250 [Ring of Dragon's Breath] 3600 1200

Fragment Exchange Heroic Items
Level Item Fragments Required Item Required Initial Fort Price +Price Per Fort
99 [Dragon Essence(heroic)] 1100 [Dragon Essence(excellent)]
99 [Roar of the Dragon(heroic)] 1100 [Roar of the Dragon(excellent)]
99 1100 [Wrathful Dragon(excellent)]
99 1100 [Ring of Dragon's Breath(excellent)]