"Gain popularity points at the Sanctuary to empower your hero. Upgrade the Sanctuary to attain more tasks."


Sanctuary Interior

The Sanctuary is one of the key buildings and has a role in improving hero stats, increasing you Popularity and unlocking new Elder Quests. The Sanctuary is unlocked at level 11 of your Town Hall.

Baptism Edit

Baptism randomly increases or decreases a hero's stats. A baptism can be discarded if the results are undesirable. The greater the stat is, the greater probability of it decreasing, so it is wise to use Baptism first and, after satisfactory results, use Purify. It is noted that Main Heroes are much harder to Baptize.


Purify gives +1 to a random stat. Every 5 levels of the Sanctuary gives you one extra Purify.


Reset literally resets your selected hero's attribute point back to its base level. The Reset button will only appear on a hero that has been either Purified or Baptized of course. When you reset, your stats will become that of the Main Hero that you initially chose at the beginning of the game. Reset expends 50 Diamonds.


"People place their hope and faith into the holy sanctuary. Your people will need to pray to give themselves peace and confidence."

Pray Holy Sanctuary

Praying increases your Popularity, which slightly increase the amount of gold from each levy. Popularity has a maximum cap of 100 and minumum of 0.

The amount of Battle Achievements needed is 10 times the level of your Sanctuary. The highest result from praying is half your Sanctuary level, and the minimum is 1.