"Sobered from his magic addiction, Frost works to save humans from the darkness. He swears to drive evil out of the continent."

Salvatorium Salvatorium is a country on God's Continent located in the South-East.

Governed Region Level Size Description
City of Faith 10-30 Village

Salvatorium's most peaceful city is protected by holy power so that no one may attack it.

Vigilius 30-60 Town Vigilant warriors stand at the gates of this military city, and defend it to their deaths.
Otium 30-60 Town Guided by their faith in the holy light, the enlightened people fearlessly defend Salvatorium's political center from constant attack.
Sunfury 60-80 City The city has harnessed the magical power of the sun to protect it from foreign evils.
Ascia City 60-80 City In the strongest military city of Salvatorium, the allied infantry utilize specialized weapons to keep the city safe.
City of the Lunar Eclipse 60-80 City The City of the Lunar Eclipse is a place where people can come to view the eclipse yearly, and where magicians can practice and preach of moral virtue.