Nobilis Heroes
Nobilis City

Nobilis City

"The nobles are priviledged and well-known descendants and protectors of the late Saros Kingdom that unified the ancient world long ago. Today they are known as the nobilis. Now living in the shattered dark era of the dark lich Ossanal, the nobilis now make a stand as members of the Empire of the Nobles, continuing to defend the territories and countries their ancenstors once protected. Their army consists of sophisticated and high-grade infantry with a reputation as the most reliable guards of God’s continent. Their pursuit of justice, glory, and virtue allows them to topple the undead in the name of the holy light and peace for all men. The strongholds of the age-old noble faction have evolved from centuries of artistic and scientific growth. Built from stone, the nobles’ structure represent the solidity of their spiritual union and of their advanced civilization."

Main HeroesEdit

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