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The Netherwind Crypt

"As the wind of the dead blows, not a single livng soul can be heard."


The Netherwind Crypt is the battle arena which you need to pass to gain access to the level 80-100 area. It is located in the middle of Saros, the World Map.

Wizard Evictor

Wizard+Evictor Custom Formation

To gain access to the Netherwind Crypt fights, your Town Hall must be level 80. You must pass all 300 battles to be able to move to the Netherwind Crypt Region.

The strongest common formation in the Crypt is Wizards of Charm and all four Evictors.

Battles to Note

Battles to Note
Wave Reason
100 NPC, Revive, 1'000 Prestige
106 Evictors+Wizard
124 Evictors+Wizard
134 Evictors+Wizard
150 NPC
152 Evictors+Wizard
156 Evictors+Wizard
174 Evictors+Wizard
184 Evictors+Wizard
190 NPC
199 NPC
200 NPC, Drop: [Dragon Horn Shield]
210 NPC
250 NPC
300 NPC, Revive x3, Drop: [Absorption Cloak]

Exclusive Units

NPC Bosses

NPC Bosses
NPC Unit Wave
Lancelot [Rover Ron] 10
William Walace [Bloodsucker Kelly] 130
Ghost Kyle ??? 150
Medrawt [Perot] 170
[Lady Vampire Glea] [Lady Vampire Glea] 190
[Mardonius] [The Fellower Suzaku] 210
Destroyer's burning c... Destroyer's burning c... 300



2200+ Magic Defense on all heroes: If possible use [Helmet of Thunder]

2500+ Defense on at least 3 heroes: Good combo is [Dragonscale Armor] and [Dragon-scale Shield]


The Netherwind Crypt region differs to all other regions as it can occupy players from all 3 playable countries as well as having its own attack and defend system.