"I will in this topic, post the information I gather about merlins hit rate. I will be increasing his int and do more tests. This will take some time though. So if anyone feels like they want to help out, feel free to post stats, and I will add them. I do how ever require you have done atleast 1.000 tests, ( for more accurate results)"


1st test: Zeusolympus (Leonor)Edit

Merlin at lvl 80. 129 int. rank: elite force
Out of 1.000 tries ( PVE)

Merlin hit 767 times Merlin missed 233 times

This makes merlins hit rate 76.7%

2nd test: JakspyEdit

Merlin at lvl 80. 150 INT. Rank: Elite force Out of 1000

PVP: 136/195 = 69.7%

PVC: 650/805 = 80.7 %

Total: 786/1000 = 78.6 %

3rd test: Chaos(Mochi)Edit

Merlin at lvl 78 105 INT. Rank: Elite force Out of 1000


PVC: 713/898

Total: 782/1000

78.2% hit rate

Comments: I tend to find that merlin hits alot more when i am in legions, specifically South waves of legions

4th test: Hope16(Mochi)Edit

Merlin at lvl 22 82 INT. Rank: Orderly Soldiers Out of 1000

PVC: 678/1000

67.8% hit rate

Comment: i feel that merlin just seems to have good days and bad days, also i kept my merlin down to see if lvl affect hit rate

5th test: Chaos(Mochi)Edit

Merlin lvl 80

Rank: Elite Force

PVE = 724/1000 = 72.4%

Comments: In legions, he either misses alot or barely misses at all...From my increase of INT of my previous test, he seems to actually decrease in hit rate, though this may be another factor of luck.

What did Merlin say when he was fired from your army?

"I'm gonna Miss you"(You're gonna Miss me anyway retard!)

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