"The Empire's intelligent wizards, who are disciples of the magic of holy light, seek to improve and enlighten the world with the power of their holy magic."


Main Hero: Imperial Scholar
Main hero noble male
Stats at lvl 1:
PowerStr x: 40
AgilityAgi x:40
IntelligenceInt x: 60
CommandCap x:50
SoldiersArmy x: 225
Type: MagicMattMdef
Armyarea xCommand unit: [Imperial Scholar]
Zhen xSkill: [Fire Ball]
Strike: None
Passive: [Fight Back]

(With Magic Guard)

Tip: If you are planing on using a mage starter hero, you will need to save up any cash gift or diamonds you get and use the sanctuary to increase your Intelligence. It is recommended to try and get at least 70 intelligence.


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