LT Dice

The Lucky Turning, or LT for short, is a game of chance where you can spend [Diamonds] and/or [Cash Gifts] for a chance to win items, resources and equipment. You can access the Lucky Turning by clicking the dice icon on the right side of the screen. Players get one free spin with the Small Package a day. Those players who are under a level 21 of Town Hall can use Small Package only. The results of every spin are announced by the Fairy Maiden.


  • Small Package: 5 Diamonds/Cash Gifts
  • Midsize Package: 10 Diamonds/Cash Gifts
  • Big Package: 20 Diamonds/Cash Gifts
  • Darkness Package: 50 Diamonds/Cash Gifts

Drop rateEdit

Data are given as a "ratio" and not as a %; the item chances should be the same, and probably is, but to explain this rate each item will be separated. The ratio is the same for all packages, of course the items are different.





The values corresponding to

500 Cash Gifts, VIP, 5 Cash Gifts, item, item, item, item, prestige, item, Battle Achievement, item, item, item, item, wheat*, and lastly gold.

The higher the value is the more common the item is to be won.


Note: not all rewards have an equal chance. For example, in the Small Package you are much more likely to get 5 Cash Gifts then 500 Cash Gifts. In some instances, players report that Lucky Turning literally speeds up when almost upon the most valuable prize causing much complaint.

Small PackageEdit


  • 5 Cash Gifts
  • 500 Cash Gifts
  • Fragments × 2
  • (Town Hall level × 100) Gold
  • (Town Hall level × 30) Battle Achievement
  • 50 Prestige
  • VIP package for 1 day

Equipment (Level 22)

Midsize PackageEdit

Wiki Diamonds

A player's screen after receiving 1000 diamonds in cash gift from a midsize spin.

  • 10 Cash Gifts
  • 1,000 Cash Gifts
  • Stone of Spirit × 15
  • (Town Hall level × 200) Gold
  • (Town Hall level × 60) Battle Achievement
  • 100 Prestige
  • VIP package for 3 days

Equipment (Level 35)

Big PackageEdit


  • 20 Cash Gifts
  • 2,000 Cash Gifts
  • Fragments × 6
  • (Town Hall level × 300) Gold
  • (Town Hall level × 90) Battle Achievement
  • 150 Prestige
  • VIP package for 7 days

Equipment (Level 63)

Darkness PackageEdit


  • 50 Cash Gifts
  • 3,000 Cash Gifts
  • Stone of Spirit × 60
  • (Town Hall level × 400) Gold
  • (Town Hall level × 120) Battle Achievement
  • 200 Prestige
  • VIP package for 30 days

Equipment (Level 80)

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