Greek Alliance Legion
Greek Alliance Legion
Instance: [Core of Destiny]
Legion: Greek Allied Troops
Commander: Lenutis
Number of Legions: 12
Number of Waves: 3
Drop: [Ancient Tome]
Base BA: 150

"You went against the God of War's will. Now I will defend our territory on behalf of my people. Let's take our weapons and fight to the death!"


Wave 1: Pikemen Lv.1 (583), Light-axe Man Lv.1 (611)

Wave 2: Heavy Sword Warrior Lv.6 (583), Heavy-speared Warrior Lv.5 (611), Long-bow Warrior Lv. 5 (530)

Wave 3: Heavy Sword Warrior Lv.7 (583), [Bronze Helmet Cavalry] Lv.7 (514), Heavy-speared Warrior Lv.7 (546)


Wave 1: Heavy-speared Warrior Lv.2 (583), Long-bow Warrior Lv.2 (611)

Wave 2: Light-axe Man Lv.6 (583), Pikemen Lv.4 (514), Fire Friar Lv.5 (530)

Wave 3: Shield Warrior Lv.8 (570), Heavy Sword Warrior Lv.8 (611), Fire Friar Lv.8 (530)


Wave 1: Partisan Knight Lv.3 (560), Light Spearman Lv.4 (494)

Wave 2: Partisan Knight Lv.7 (560), Light-axe Man Lv.6 (583), Partisan Knight Lv.7 (530)

Wave 3: Partisan Knight Lv.7 (560), Light Spearman Lv.7 (583), Pikemen Lv.8 (530)


Wave 1: Partisan Knight Lv.4 (560), Peltast Lv.5 (494)

Wave 2: Pikemen Lv.6 (560), Heavy Sword Warrior Lv.7 (583), Heavy-speared Warrior Lv.6 (530)

Wave 3: Partisan Knight Lv.7 (560), Heavy Sword Warrior Lv.8 (583), Thunder Magician Lv.7 (530)

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