Genghis Khan(BF)

Genghis Khan's Battle Formation

"God's favored ambition."

Genghis Khan is the 30th obtainable Hero. He is found at the 28th battle at Khan's Subversion in Riding a Horse into Battle.

Genghis Sprite

Genghis Khan Sprite


Genghis Khan's original name was Temujin. He was one of the greatest politicians and military powers in history.


  • It is interesting to note that Genghis Khan was Kublai Khan's grandfather, they are 50 years apart and meaning Kublai would have to be only 15 years old when Genghis died at 65. However they are both found in "Khan's Subversion" and appear to be around 60-ish for Genghis and Kublai being around 35.


Genghis Khan
Genghis Icon
Stats at lvl 1:
PowerStr x: 89
AgilityAgi x:60
IntelligenceInt x: 55
CommandCap x:90
SoldiersArmy x: 245
Type: PhysicalAttDef
Armyarea xCommand unit: [Crossbow Man]
Zhen xSkill: [Multi-Assault]
Strike: 2.5x
Passive: [Evade]