Cetus Formation

Cetus' Battle Formation

"Idiot, it's time to die."

Cetus is the second boss in Ancient Gambling as is found at the 14th battle.


Type: MagicMattMdef
Level: 92
Troops Troops: 13510
Armyarea xCommand unit: [Cetus]
Zhen xSkill: [Tide Skill]
Strike: None
Passive: None
Instance: Ancient Gambling
Drop: [Sharp Grieved Pike]


  • It's common to be stucked at this fight for quite a long time if you don't have a really good MDEF.
  • It has high damage and a medium defence.
  • This fight tends to be really challenging because you must fight a mage boss plus two other mages ([Siren] and [Seabed]). If you cannot pass this fight easily you must improve your MDEF a lot otherwise you will be slaughtered by the final boss of the chapter.
  • Cetus is based on the Ancient Greek mythologocal monster Cetus.

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