"The Caveo citizenry remain poised to segregate itself from foreign nations, while maintaining a stance on magic that opposes the abuse of sorcery."

Caveo Caveo is a country on God's Continent located at the South.

Governed Region Level Size Description
Rosenberg 10-30 Village The Caveo stronghold is protected by a holy power which repels evil outsiders.
Frostbourne 30-60 Town The political center of Caveo is located in a strategic and geographically difficult to access location. The political center is home to a long and tumultuous history of mass human genocide.
Keublaris 30-60 Town Caveo's battle stronghold is situated on the borderland of two countries. Though it contains many powerful soldiers and warriors, the war castle is by no means safe in this treacherous territory.
Ventus Castle 60-80 City The Caveo citadel is a place of high spiritual energy where priests of the highest order gather. The winds that flow through the citadel protects the location from unwanted evil spirits.
Ignius Citidel 60-80 City Caveo's strongest castle is located in one of the most dangerous Caveo regions. Enhanced by immense firepower, it easily repels both enemy armies and evil undead.
Tonos Stronghold 60-80 City Caveo's Highest Order of Magic utilizes an ancient thunder magic to shun invaders.