God's Continent - Saros

God's Continent - Saros

God's Continent, Saros, is the world map.


Saros hosts three countries: Caveo, Salvatorium and Vigilia. Upon upgrading your Town Hall to level 10, you have the choice to join either 1 of these countires and can only change by consuming 100 Diamonds/Cash Gifts.

Out of all of Saros there are only two territories owned by Ossanal and the Shadowlands: The Netherwind Crypt and The Abyssal.


"The Caveo citizenry remain poised to segregate itself from foreign nations, while maintaining a stance on magic that opposes the abuse of sorcery."

Caveo Caveo is a country on God's Continent located at the South.

Governed Region Level Size Description
Rosenberg 10-30 Village The Caveo stronghold is protected by a holy power which repels evil outsiders.
Frostbourne 30-60 Town The political center of Caveo is located in a strategic and geographically difficult to access location. The political center is home to a long and tumultuous history of mass human genocide.
Keublaris 30-60 Town Caveo's battle stronghold is situated on the borderland of two countries. Though it contains many powerful soldiers and warriors, the war castle is by no means safe in this treacherous territory.
Ventus Castle 60-80 City The Caveo citadel is a place of high spiritual energy where priests of the highest order gather. The winds that flow through the citadel protects the location from unwanted evil spirits.
Ignius Citidel 60-80 City Caveo's strongest castle is located in one of the most dangerous Caveo regions. Enhanced by immense firepower, it easily repels both enemy armies and evil undead.
Tonos Stronghold 60-80 City Caveo's Highest Order of Magic utilizes an ancient thunder magic to shun invaders.


"Sobered from his magic addiction, Frost works to save humans from the darkness. He swears to drive evil out of the continent."

Salvatorium Salvatorium is a country on God's Continent located in the South-East.

Governed Region Level Size Description
City of Faith 10-30 Village

Salvatorium's most peaceful city is protected by holy power so that no one may attack it.

Vigilius 30-60 Town Vigilant warriors stand at the gates of this military city, and defend it to their deaths.
Otium 30-60 Town Guided by their faith in the holy light, the enlightened people fearlessly defend Salvatorium's political center from constant attack.
Sunfury 60-80 City The city has harnessed the magical power of the sun to protect it from foreign evils.
Ascia City 60-80 City In the strongest military city of Salvatorium, the allied infantry utilize specialized weapons to keep the city safe.
City of the Lunar Eclipse 60-80 City The City of the Lunar Eclipse is a place where people can come to view the eclipse yearly, and where magicians can practice and preach of moral virtue.


"Light Magician, Karen, finally fulfilled her wish of protecting the city by magic; she created a wall that evil cannot easily penetrate."

Vigilia Vigilia is a country on God's Continent located in the North-East.

Governed Region Level Size Description
Blessed Hills 10-30 Village

Vigilia's weakest region is protected by a great enchanted wall.

Storm Peak 30-60 Town The Thunder Summit links directly to nature's source of electricity, and allows for strong magical resources to be obtained.
Shattered Peak 30-60 Town The military spire has suffered great damage from ages of war. Most recently, a powerful magical barrier has been erected to protect it.
Brightlight Summit 60-80 City The northernmost political center of Vigilia is shrouded in holy light to keep evil at bay. It is perhaps the safest area in the domain.
Dimshadow Field 60-80 City Vigilia's most dangerous land has been sealed and protected by magical enchantments, preventing any outsiders from entering.
Mountain of Knowledge 60-80 City Vigilia's venerated center of religion is where the power of blessed light emits most strongly. However, because of its holiness, it has always been a target of evil.


Governed Region Level Size Description
Netherwind Crypt 80-100 Grave As the wind of the dead blows, not a single living soul can be heard.
Grave of Fire The inescapable flames spread death into every corner they touch.
Cemetary of the Dead In the land of the dead, spectres seek out torn battlefields to transform the lifeless into undead slaves.
The Dreadful The howling winds scared away every one of the soldiers, even the bravest of them all.
Scorched Necropolis Evil dances with delight in this region covered by the devil's flames.
Grave of the Revenged Fallen warriors are brought back from the dead to serve as puppet undead warriors.
Devil's Necropolis Led by a devil, this is a cursed and evil place where demons and the undead exist in great numbers.
Nordvia A faithful believer in dark magic, Nordvia has since become a devil overseeing the entire fortress region.
Ring of Saros Saros was a former magician of the light, who was eternally trapped fighting against dark magic. Over time, he succumbed to the dark forces and became a devil himself, overseeing the entire fortress region.
Stanevi Stanevi was a prince of Caveo who was expelled from his country due to a coup d'etat. Trying to turn around his exile from his own homeland, he became obsessed with the power of dark magic. This backfired on him, transforming him into a demon which oversees the entire fortress region.
Redemption Castle This is the castle where evil prays for darkness.
Katste Katste was a knight of Salvatorium who died in a losing battle against undead forces. His dead body was then subjugated to being resurrected as a powerful demon governing his own territory.
Castle of the Shade Spectres provide the vital energy for evil's existence, which is also the source of power for revived soldiers.
Choose Death This is the judgment castle of the various demon institutions: where arbitration of dark magic takes place.
Claremont Claremont was the king of Vigilia, until he was killed by archer arrows. His uneasy spirit became seduced by dark forces, subjugating him into watching over this particular region.
The Abyssal 100-100 The Abyssal No one knows who controls the dark den of magic, as anyone entering it has never returned.



Merc Heroes

Merc City

"The Mercenary Cooperative left their homeland since the undead plague of Ossanal ravaged their homeland, but not their kind. Their lives have always been nomadic due to their reliance and mobility on the sea generation by generation, and hence their exodus from a hell-torn land was quite smooth. As a whole they have not been affected by the dark apocalypse of Ossanal, but they have realized they must fight the evil from the dark portals for the sake of humanity. Having developed an army at sea, they are now ready to step into the continent. The port cities of the mercenary cooperative free cities made from material found in the jungles of God’s Continent. As adventurers of the seas, these mercenary, almost pirate-like group of humans build their fortresses near accessible ocean for mobility purposes."

Main Heroes


Nobilis Heroes
Nobilis City

Nobilis City

"The nobles are priviledged and well-known descendants and protectors of the late Saros Kingdom that unified the ancient world long ago. Today they are known as the nobilis. Now living in the shattered dark era of the dark lich Ossanal, the nobilis now make a stand as members of the Empire of the Nobles, continuing to defend the territories and countries their ancenstors once protected. Their army consists of sophisticated and high-grade infantry with a reputation as the most reliable guards of God’s continent. Their pursuit of justice, glory, and virtue allows them to topple the undead in the name of the holy light and peace for all men. The strongholds of the age-old noble faction have evolved from centuries of artistic and scientific growth. Built from stone, the nobles’ structure represent the solidity of their spiritual union and of their advanced civilization."

Main Heroes


Tribal Heroes

Trbals City

"The people of the Tribal Union are known as Tribals. In battle they regard victory in battle as the greatest honor in their lives. Their pursuit of nature’s powers and heavy weaponry allow them to be brave and unrestrained in battle. They even go as far as to integrate dark magic into their practice, but in doing so remember to practice restraint, morality and responsibility. Their belief is to shatter the dark undead at any price to protect their sacred lands. The tribals can be found in the craggy cliffs and hidden forests of God’s continent, a place suitable for their kind and also as a natural defense against enemies, human or undead. The Tribal cities are located in the desolate and craggy cliffs of God’s Continent. Their architecture is crude and simple, mirroring the characteristics of the Tribals."

Main Heroes

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