Cash GiftsCash Gift are an in-game resource, inferior but similar to [Diamonds]. You can obtain them from events, levy, mining, lucky turning and contests but they cannot be used for everything like [Diamonds]. The limitations of the Cash Gifts are:

  1. You cannot buy a temple or attack a temple without diamonds.
  2. You cannot buy an item from the auction house or make a bid on it.
  3. You cannot buy items from the mall, except for special ones like Turkey

Things you can do with cash gifts:

1. Speed up construction

2. Buy extra construction slot (24cg)

3. Replenish collection amount in town hall via impose (2cg)

4. Replenish market trade amount via black market (2cg)

5. Baptize hero (2cg)

6. Purify hero (5cg)

7. Explore the caves

8. Buy sentry tower for farm (30cg)

9. Replenish mines (20cg)

10. Buy equipment pouches (50cg)

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