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Nobilis Barracks

The Barracks is one of the principle Buildings in Shadowland Online. It is first unlocked upon upgrading your Town Hall to Level 10.

In the Barracks menu are two tabs: Forces, and Formation.

Forces TabEdit

Barracks Level 10

Tribals Barracks

Formation tab

Formation tab

In the Forces tab, you have the option of either Recruiting Soldiers for Food, or Drafting Militia. In the upper portion, a slider allows you to choose how many Soldiers you wish to Recruit, up to the maximum (the maximum capacity for your Military Forces and/or the entirety of your Food supply). The need to recruit soldiers will not arise until you have chosen a country and or region to join.

In the lower portion, there is a button to Draft Militia. You may Draft up to 5 times in a 24-hour period. The amount of Militia you draft each time is based on the Upgrade Level of the Barracks. Additionally, the Draft function has a cooldown period of 1h.

See also military force resource.

Formation TabEdit

Under the Formation tab, you will find a detailed listing of all the Formations you have available to use. Selecting a Formation will bring up detailed information, including the Level of the Formation, the Stat Bonus, the Proficiency you have of the Formation, and the additional Stat Bonus upon achieving the next Formation Level. The Proficiency level is a direct correlation to how many times you have used the selected Formation in Battle.

Resource ModifierEdit

The Barracks functions as a Resource Cap Modifier. Each upgrade to this Building increases the maximum amount of Military Forces you can hold. Each level upgraded to your Barracks allows you to hold 4000 more soldiers. In addition, each level upgrade increases the number of Soldiers you can obtain with each use of the Draft function by 800 per level.

As with all other Buildings, you can not upgrade the Barracks beyond the current level of your Town Hall.


  • You can get bonus soldiers from outside town in The Village mini-game, the greater score in minigame the more bonus soldiers you get.
    • As of a maintenance this is no longer the case