An Alliance is a group that support each other, put their resources together, and work together in battle to achieve their goals.

  • The Information tab in the Alliance window
  • The Members tab in the alliance window
  • The Tech tab in the alliance window
  • The Management tab in the alliance window

Joining/Creating an alliance


There are two ways to join an alliance.

  1. You can ask to join. Simply go to the alliance window and find an alliance you fancy, and there you will see an option to request to join the alliance. You may only request to join one alliance at a time, if you change your mind, your previous request will be removed.
  • Joining an Alliance
  • Creating an Alliance
  1. You can be invited. The leader of an alliance can invite you to join his/her alliance. You will receive a mail informing you, and to accept or decline the invitation you must go to the alliance window and click on the invite tab, and click the appropriate button.


Creating an alliance will cost 10,000 gold and 100 Battle Achievements. You will need to pick a name that isn't already taken, and an emblem, made up of a symbol and a background, in colours of your choice. The name and emblem can never be changed but the notice and the declaration can be changed whenever.

The Information Tab

Alliance Leader

The leader of the alliance has ultimate control over what happens. They can promote and demote deputy leaders, invite new members and expel old ones, accept and decline offers to join or leave, change the declaration and notice, increase the alliance tech levels and alliance level, as well as upgrade the alliance emblem, and dismiss the alliance forever.

Alliance Level

The level of the alliance can be upgraded using the alliance reserves and can reach a max level of 20. Each level will increase the alliance's member capacity by 5. At level 20, the member capacity increases by 30 instead of 5. Including the 25 member limit at level 1, the member cap can reach 150 through the level alone.

Level Gold required Level Gold required
1 0 11 4,000,000
2 20,000 12 6,000,000
3 50,000 13 8,000,000
4 150,000 14 10,000,000
5 300,000 15 12,000,000
6 500,000 16 18,000,000
7 1,000,000 17 20,000,000
8 1,500,000 18 30,000,000
9 2,000,000 19 50,000,000
10 2,500,000 20 70,000,000

Alliance Emblem

The Alliance Emblem can be upgraded to increase the member capacity of the alliance by a further 5 members. Plus another 5 members for each lvl of upgrade of the emblem. This has a limit of 4 upgrades, meaning you can increase your ally capacity by 50. 

lvl 1 = 5

lvl 2 = 10

lvl 3 = 15

lvl 4 = 20

The emblem costs 500 diamonds/cash gifts for each upgrade. This is the only way to increase the capacity of the alliance past level 20, however, diamonds cannot be donated to the alliance reserves to unless they are somehow given to the leader by other members, the leader must pay for them all.


You can donate gold and BA to your Alliance to help it grow. As you donate your rank within the alliance will rise as follows: Soldier, Captain, Chief, General and Elder.

For every 100 resource you donate you will get 1 contribution point.

Members can receive wages equal to one tenth of your contribution points.

The Members Tab

In the members tab you can see a list of every member, or shrink it down to only those online, and see their name, level, last login, rank within the alliance, Town Hall title, the City they live in, and their contribution points.

Here is a list of the requirements for each alliance rank.

Member Rank Contribution Needed
Soldier 0
Captain Top 10 members above 2,000
Chief Top 5 members above 5,000
General Top 4 members above 20,000
Elder Top 5 members above 100,000
Deputy Leader 0 (Appointed by Alliance Leader) (Maximum of 2)
Alliance Leader 0 (Created Alliance)

The Tech Tab

The Alliance Techs will increase the income of a particular resource by 2% (1% for intensify) per tech level, with a maximum of level 10 (And +2% to each upgraded resource, except for Intensify which increases by 1% and Goldlimit increases by 10%)
  • Alliance Tech: Money
  • Alliance Tech: Food
  • Alliance Tech: BA
  • Alliance Tech: Prestige
  • Alliance Tech: Draft
  • Alliance Tech: EXP
  • Alliance Tech: GoldLimit
  • Alliance Tech: Intensify
  • Alliance Tech: Plunder

Below is the cost and prerequisites of each tech.

Tech Prerequisites to unlock Description
Gold None Increases Gold Collection Percentage
Food None Increases Food produced in fields
Battle Achievments Gold and Food Tech - Level 5 Increases amount of BA won in NPC battles
Prestige Battle Achievements Tech - Level 10 Increase amount of Prestige earned in PVP and promote
Draft None Increases amount of soldiers Drafted in Barracks
EXP None Increases amount of exp gained in Dragon Training Grounds
Goldlimit None Increases maximim Gold capacity
Intensify Draft and EXP - Level 5 Increases success rate of Blacksmith
Plunder Intensity - Level 5 Recieve a small amount of gold from NPC battles(x% of BA)


Tech Level(Gold) Gold required
1 200,000
2 500,000
3 800,000
4 1,200,000
5 1,800,000
6 3,200,000
7 5,000,000
8 7,000,000
9 8,500,000
10 10,000,000
Total 38,200,000

Tech Level(BA) BA required
1 500,000
2 1,250,000
3 2,000,000
4 3,000,000
5 4,500,000
6 8,000,000
7 12,500,000
8 17,500,000
9 21,250,000
10 25,000,000
Total 95,500,000

The Management Tab

The Management Tab is only accessible to the Alliance Leader, Deputy Leaders, Generals and Elders. In this tab the Alliance Declaration and Notice can be changed. Player's requests to join or leave the alliance can be approved or declined, and the Alliance Leader can invite players to join, and dismiss the alliance.