Achilles' Battle Formation

"This is warning you that do not come across my bottom-line"

Achilles is the 35th obtainable Hero. He is found at the 12th battle in the Land of War Drum in the Holy Territory.

Achilles Sprite

Achilles Sprite


His mother brought him into the Styx River after birth, he was a hero of invulnerability (except his feet) killed Hector so that saved Greece. He was killed by Apollo's arrows at his feet.


  • Achilles strength stat has been reduced from 98 to 88 during undatable updates. (Around Feb/20-27/2013)

Anyone who had hired him still retained his old stats.


Achilles Icon
Stats at lvl 1:
PowerStr x: 88
AgilityAgi x:43
IntelligenceInt x: 46
CommandCap x:97
SoldiersArmy x: 248
Type: PhysicalAttDef
Armyarea xCommand unit: [Metal-helmet Rider]
Zhen xSkill: [Rampage]
Strike: 2x
Passive: [Evade]